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Senrio “Whiteboard” Sessions


Use Case: Medical

How does Senrio work

Complete Device Visibility

Senrio Insight for security and operations teams: Senrio Insight enumerates and categorizes devices on the network and provides context-rich analytics based on device-specific behavior and adaptive learning. All this is done passively and without deep-packet inspection, making Senrio incredibly scalable and easy to deploy in healthcare, industrial control, retail, and corporate environments alike.

Senrio Insight is so lightweight that our first customers are actually embedding it in their network devices to gain "IoT" visibility! Contact us to learn more.

And what can you do with Insight?

Automatic Device/Asset

Identification and Enumeration

Device behavior and Netflow


Device Behavioral Anomaly Notifications

Feature Rich API, Versatile data exportation, and much much more...


Website & Mobile

Supports SIEMs and dashboards of all kinds. CSV, JSON, CEF, Stix/Taxii, Syslog, you name it! Can even proactively defend by exporting firewall rules!

Feature Rich API and Data Exportation

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How to install & deploy

1. Install it on your own hardware or virtual machines (We don't charge per sensor or per install!)

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2. We’ll install it for you and ship it to you