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Senrio “Whiteboard” Sessions


Use Case: Medical

Know what's on your network. From your desktop. For free!

Extract Asset Inventory straight from raw network data!

According to a recent Forrester Survey, 17% of businesses are aware enough of the devices on their network that they could pass an audit. Where does that leave the rest of us 83% ? In the dark. Senrio Discovery offers a piece of the broader Senrio Insight flagship product to help you take back some of your asset awareness. Senrio Discovery is a simple desktop application that leverages Senrio's device identification technology to identify your networked assets directly from raw network captures.

Install the "Senrio Discovery" desktop app.

Enter your registration code.

Load your network traffic into Senrio Discovery. (Pcaps never leave your network!)

Senrio Discovery will visualize the data for you.

Search and Explore your data.

Export your assets based on their identification.

Please be advised that for the time being, we cannot support home/personal users. We love to tinker too, and we know sometimes people like to test drive things at home before they bring them up at work, but right now we have to concentrate on business customers. You’re welcome to sign up with your personal info, but just understand that you’ll be going to the end of the queue for the time being.