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Our Name

Senrio is a shortened version of the Japanese word "senrigan" (千里眼). "Senrigan" is a lacuna word which means "clairvoyant reflex", "foresight", or "to see through". It is the ability to predict something and act accordingly.

Our Story

When hearing the buzz-word “Internet of Things,” we typically associate the term with the consumer world: smart toasters and connected fridges. However, there is a staggering number of networked embedded devices that perform life- and mission-critical tasks that our daily lives depend on. What all these devices have in common is that they are ubiquitous and adoption is growing at a staggering rate: Gartner predicts IoT devices will grow 32% reaching an installed base of 21 billion units by 2020.

While adoption has been rapid, security is lagging behind. We haven’t thought of these new types of devices as miniature computers that need the same care in deployment, management and protection as our servers, computers and mobile phones. The security industry has largely ignored the unique risk these connected, specialized and inherently vulnerable assets pose.

Those responsible for defining and managing the security posture of an organization need IoT-aware tools to provide visibility into what these devices are, what they are doing and whether they are under attack. This is a HUGE blind spot. IoT devices are the low-hanging fruit for potential attackers: They are fairly easy to compromise, are connected to high-value networks and detection of an ongoing attack is highly unlikely until after the fact.

Senrio aims to remedy this situation. Using innovative technology based on a decade of research into embedded devices and first-hand knowledge of the unique threat landscape that they create. We've been sounding the alarm bells for years - teaching, writing and heavily involved in research. Today we are unveiling solutions and tools to provide unprecedented visibility and intelligence into the IoT devices all around us.

Our Technology

As an IoT cybersecurity platform, Senrio provides visibility and analytics for networked embedded devices (aka The Internet of Things) where traditional, signature-based security technologies fail to deliver actionable insights. Senrio uses patented technology to address the IoT and embedded device security problem for both network operators and device manufacturers:

Senrio Insight for security and operations teams: Senrio Insight enumerates and categorizes devices on the network and provides context-rich analytics based on device-specific behavior and adaptive learning. All this is done passively and without deep-packet inspection, making Senrio incredibly scalable and easy to deploy in healthcare, industrial control, retail, and corporate environments alike.

Senrio Trace for device manufacturers and developers: Senrio Trace provides deeper insights into the security and real-time operation of firmware used in IoT devices. Senrio's patented TraceBeacon technology offers a low-friction method to secure firmware. It allows firmware developers and device manufacturers to collect run-time analytics of firmware, thereby providing operational and security visibility into the behavior of large networks of devices in real-time.

SenrioInsight and SenrioTrace can be used independently or together, to provide an unprecedented and much needed solution to the epidemic IoT security challenge.

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